Thursday, 23 June 2016

Emo/Goth Girl Card

Hello crafty peeps and welcome to my crafty nook! I hope you are all having a brilliant week so far and just think - it's nearly the weekend! It's a very important day here in the UK, finally after months of campaigning, back biting and uncool peeps hijacking tragedies (and entire campaigns!) to further their own political agendas, it's time for the British people to decide whether they want to stay in the EU or regain their independence and vote to leave. I'm not going to say how I'm voting (and I will be once this post is written!) because that's between me and the ballot box *wink* but I'd like to encourage my readers in the UK to go vote even if you are unsure at this point because the result of this vote is going to have a huge impact on all our lives whatever the result is. That's probably the most politics you'll ever see on this blog - apart from craft politics lol so lets get back to the important things in life - CRAFTS! *winks*

I'd like to share a card I made for my husband's cousin. This card is actually the second one I made (both similar designs) but I  put the first one in a 'safe' place so - of course- I couldn't find it when I needed to. The stamps are from Visible Image but unfortunately this set called 'Mollie Rules' is no longer available on the website though you can get it from  › Visible Image priced £12 which is a penny more than I paid for it BUT free P&P which makes it cheaper than when I got it - grr. A lot of the fantasy stamps no longer available at Visible Image are available at the Fruit Pixie which is handy to know. Well it looks like I'm having one of those days! I've just gone through my saved photos and I don't appear to have taken any of the card I made! However I've just taken a couple of photos of the original card so I'll show that one instead.

sorry it's blurry but I wanted to get a close up of the skirt :)
The barbed wire outline of the oval is actually a border stamp but because these stamps are made of acrylic you can shape them if you want to. I coloured the image with Flex markers and added some clear Wink of Stella highlights to the skulls and bows. Once the image was coloured in, I fussy cut around the barbed wire and then added it to the card as shown. The card I sent was the same image but didn't have the barbed wire shaped around it but had lines of it across two of the corners and I made my own back ground papers using some of the other stamps that are included in the set. I also decorated an envelope that I made using my WRMK envelope punch board.

Stamp set and very first attempt at colouring images

I thought it would be a good idea to show what you get in the stamp set, it isn't very big only 5" x 5" and comes in a CD sleeve which I like as it's more robust than the usual packaging you get, at £11.99 plus postage I do think it's rather pricey but as it's a quirky image I'm hoping I'll get lots of use out of it for teenage girl cards. 

I hope you like my card, I'm just sorry I couldn't show the card that was actually sent! Hopefully I'll have another card to share with you soon, I've been buying a few goodies recently (and this includes a guilt gift from my Hubby!) and I'm hoping to share what I come up with after I've had chance to have a play. As always if you have any questions or comments then please leave them in the usual places and until next time - keep crafting!

Love and crafty hugs,

Sarah xxx

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