Tuesday, 31 March 2015

I've been bad *hangs head in shame*

Hello crafty peeps and welcome to my crafty nook! I hope you've all had a brilliant weekend, I've not done much crafting as I'm in a bit of a crafty slump. However my slump should be over now cos I've been very bad - I bought some crafty goodies!!One of the stamp ranges that I adore is Santoro's Simply Gorjuss from DoCrafts so I was delighted to learn that DoCrafts were releasing another set of 8 stamps in April. I've been counting the days down so you can imagine how thrilled I was to find that Create and Craft were releasing them early in sets of 4 for £22.98 inc p&p. Obviously I couldn't afford to purchase both sets but luckily the stamps I liked most were in set 1 so I ordered it and it came today! I hope to get the remaining 4 stamps at a later date and there is one especially I like called "Hush Little Bunny" (see below) I really love the bunny it reminds me of something from "The Nightmare Before Christmas".
Hush Little Bunny

The stamps in set 1 included "The Hatter", "The Owl", "Dear Alice" and "The Dreamer". I think the last two are probably my favourites especially "The Dreamer". 

The Owl

The Hatter

Dear Alice

The Dreamer
To add to the naughty purchases I went to my local craft shop and picked up issue 6 of Crafter's Companion's Inspiration magazine @ £9.99, I usually do get these from my local craft shop and although CC claim it has £50 worth of 'free stuff' to be perfectly frank I'm not sure how they've come up with this sum. I think it was the last issue which claimed it contained a 'wire beading set' and when I opened it, it contained about a foot of thin nasty quality wire (probably 30p worth at a push!) and 3 plasticky beads - really not sure what they expected anyone to make with it - a small crappy dream catcher perhaps? However I've been pleasantly surprised this time and the free gifts are at least worth the cover price of the magazine (I don't know about you but I'm often flabbergasted at how much craft magazines claim their free cover gifts are worth, about a month ago I got a mag with a stamp set similar to ones from ECAP and a paper pack which was a third of the size of the same paper pack I'd bought for a pound and the mag "claimed" it was worth a tenner!!) and they are very useable too. I've already got a couple of ideas about what I'm going to make but as we're having the girls on Wednesday I'll might have to wait until this weekend to have a play as I have loads to do before they arrive.

Well now my crafty confession is over I'd better go and do some cleaning in penance before bed. Until next time - keep crafting!

Love and crafty hugs,

Sarah xxx

Saturday, 28 March 2015

Birthday card for Gramps

Hello crafty peeps and welcome to my crafty nook! I hope you are all enjoying the weekend - don't forget here in the UK the clocks go forward one hour tonight. I don't know about you but I really miss that hour when it's time to get up, especially so this weekend because it's the final of the Cricket World Cup and I'll have to wake my beloved husband for 4am which will be 3am in my mind! Chris takes some shifting out of bed but I know he's looking forward to it so by the time I get him up and out I'll probably be well awake myself :( . A wife's work is never done! lol

Acid Drops and Whatnots Easel Card
This is a card I've made for my husband's step grandad. He's going to be 75 next Saturday. I used Glitter Girls "Celebrations" embossing board to emboss the silver card which I then fussy cut around. I mounted the Old Smoothie topper onto black, silver and black card again before mounting it onto the shaped embossed piece. I layered black and silver card together and added the topper as shown. I then made an easel card and used the topper as the easel stopper. Here are a few more photos of the card.

I'm going to be working on some Easter cards and we'll be having Millie and Bethany stay with us next week so I'll be sharing what I make on my own and with the girls another time. Until then - keep crafting!

Love and crafty hugs,

Sarah xx

Sunday, 22 March 2015

Check It Out!

Hello crafty peeps and welcome to my crafty nook! Today I'd like to share a card I've made for a good friend of mine, Kate who I've kind of lost touch with and it's inspired by this week's blog challenge over at Passion for ProMarkers. The theme is 'Check It Out' which I thought went perfectly with a MFT stamp - Pure Innocence "On A Picnic".

On A Picnic card inspired by the PFP challenge Check It Out!

The red and green checked papers came from the Riverside Revels paper stack from Dovecraft and I really love the red check paper because it's printed on canvas so has great texture which I accentuated by distressing the edges with a craft knife - it reminds me of a picnic blanket and I think it goes brilliantly with the picnic themed stamp set. The green plaid hill and sky paper came from a Travel themed scrapbook paper stack by DCWV which I've had for donkey's years. I just drew a curved hill top and cut it out with scissors. The main image and picnic basket were coloured in using ProMarkers and then I fussy cut both images out and arranged as shown. I used some foam tape to raise the picnic basket off the card. I used a 'hello' die from Clearly Besotted Stamps to die cut the word out twice, once in black and once using a scrap of metallic blue card I had left over from another project. I layered the two together slightly off set to give a shadow effect and stuck it down using Tattered Lace Detail glue. I made a 6.5" square card blank out of two sheets of A4 kraft card (one sheet was cut to 6.5" square and the other was cut to 7" x 6.5" and scored 0.5" in on the longest side to form a hinge which I stuck to the back of the 6.5" panel).

Close up of the main image

Close up of Hello

Close up of picnic basket
 I added clear Wink of Stella to the little girl's hair bow and to the picnic basket.

I hope you like my latest card, it's quite simple but I'm not keen on making heavily embellished cards. I'll be making a matching envelope using my WRMK envelope punch board assuming it goes up to 6.5" square envelopes - I shall have to check. Please feel free to comment in the usual places if you have any questions and until next time - keep crafting!

Love and crafty hugs,

Sarah xxx

Friday, 20 March 2015

Attack of the Time Vampires

Hello crafty peeps and welcome to my crafty nook!  I haven't been crafting as much recently as I would like and I've been trying to work out why that should be. I've come to the conclusion that it's down to an attack of the Time Vamps! What are Time Vamps? Time Vamps are those things you do when you think oh I've got a spare five minutes I think I'll go.... (FILL IN THE BLANK) and you suddenly realise it's now dark outside, the cat/kids/husband are about to eat each other and your bum's gone numb because you haven't moved in 3 hours. As I'm typing this I have two tabs open at the top of the page, my email account and Facebook and if you are anything like me these two are probably the two biggest time vamps that are guzzling up your precious time.I don't know about you, but I'm OBSESSED with checking my email and Facebook accounts. I can spend hours on Facebook checking on the groups I follow and reading every single little update on my friends and family's timelines. It's one of the reasons I've avoided joining for so many years, in a way I'm quite lucky because I have to make a conscious effort to get onto Facebook and my email accounts (and Twitter, Pintrest and even this blog!) because I don't have a tablet, smartphone or whatever gadgets most people use. Facebook has even spawned little time vamps - online games and quizzes. My sister keeps inviting me to play them but I know if I do I'll never come off Facebook, I practically needed to go into rehab over computer Solitaire (luckily Chris's PC doesn't have any games stored apart from Football Manager and I'd have to be extremely bored to play that!)

If you too are under attack from Time Vamps, don't panic there are ways to deal with them without having to forsake Facebook or the internet. The first thing I've found valuable is to work out what's important to me (goals, spending time with my husband etc, etc) one of the things I value most is the Bible Study I do every day, I haven't really mentioned my faith on this blog but it's something I find a great deal of comfort in and spending 15 minutes reading a set Bible study sets me up for the rest of the day.  I know that if I do other things first (apart from the usual just woken up activities - like COFFEE!!!) I'll put it off and end up forgetting about it so once I've made a cup of black coffee I settle somewhere quiet and read my Bible. So my first tip for slaying those pesky Time Vamps is to do what's the most important thing for you first if that's workable. Obviously if your personal goal is to spend some romantic time with your partner it isn't really something you should concentrate on first thing in the morning - unless of course your one of those revoltingly cheerful morning people - but instead of automatically reaching for your iPad or phone the minute you're fully awake go and do something a bit more meaningful like getting back into bed to give your other half a cuddle or whatever. I'm not a complete Luddite and I realise that keeping in touch in the viral world is part of life, but I'm suggesting that it shouldn't become the whole of your life. My second suggestion involves one of those gadgets everyone is so fond of - your mobile! Most phones have a timer function (I actually had one without and I hated it!) and a stopwatch, I would suggest that the next time you're online just killing time you stop a moment to set your stopwatch going - you may well be shocked at how much time you actually spend online. This brings me to the second part of my suggestion, if you're as shocked to realise how much time you've wasted as I was the first time I used my stopwatch, start using the timer function on your phone to limit your online surfing. If I know I have something I really need to be doing instead then I set my timer to go off in 20 minutes and as much as possible I stick to it (I say my goodbyes first of course!) then I go do something a bit more important even if it's just the washing up - it may be a chore but not doing it has consequences (no clean cups!). If I'm honest I use this principal to tackle the housework, I have a lot of lower back pain and find that 20 minutes of standing/cleaning is about my limit so I clean for 20 minutes then go read some of my book for 20 minutes. I'm always amazed about how much cleaning I can get done in such a short length of time. I think one of the reasons we're susceptible to Time Vamps is we underestimate how much time we spend on pleasurable activities (Facebook, reading, crafting) and over estimate how long an unpleasant activity will take. Doing both pleasant and unpleasant activities in 20 minute bouts means you manage to get both things done and if you don't finish them in the first 20 minutes after the switch you can carry on for another 20 minutes until the task is completed. None of what I'm writing is new of course, Time Vamps is just another name for PROCRASTINATION and there are hundreds of self help books out there but I've hope I've given you a few ideas and the next time you reach for your phone it'll be to activate your timer and not to go on Facebook ;).

I hope you've enjoyed my penny's worth of advice - if you love or indeed hate this post please leave a comment in the usual places so I'll know whether similar posts will be appreciated or if this should be the last one! Until the next time - keep crafting!

Love and crafty hugs,

Sarah xxx

P.S. this post does not in any way mean I dislike Facebook or any similar means of social media - I love 'em!

Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Sweet Paris and Prima Dolls Merci Card

Hello crafty peeps and welcome to my crafty nook! As promised I'd like to share the thank you card I've made for QCME magazine using papers from the Sweet Paris collection that I won in their recent giveaway. I teamed them with the Paris themed stamp set from Prima Dolls - Merci. I coloured the Doll very simply with ProMarkers and fussy cut around the Eiffel Tower stamped image.

Thank You card made using Dovecraft "Sweet Paris" papers and "Merci" stamp set

Close up of "Merci" stamped image

Inside of card with polka dotted Washi tape

I distressed the edges of the map paper and used the scrap left in the pack to make the stripped mat for the Doll image.

I hope Quick Cards Made Easy like the card, I'm going to dig out an envelope for it (I didn't have any 6" square card blanks so made my own by cutting down two sheets of A4 card) then I'll post it in the morning.

I shall be making some more cards this coming week all being well and will post a blog about them once they've been made. If you have any questions/comments etc please make them in the usual places. Until next time - keep crafting!

Love and crafty hugs,

Sarah xxx

Monday, 16 March 2015

Facebook Goodies and a few haul items

Hello crafty peeps - welcome to my crafty nook! I hope you've all had a wonderful week. I've not been feeling very well which is why this is the first time I've blogged in a week, I hope you haven't missed me too much! I've decided not to bother entering the Passion for ProMarkers challenge this week, the theme was For A Special Lady and I made both my Mother's Day cards and the birthday card for my Mum-in-law during the last few weeks and didn't fancy making yet another card that'll just languish in a box and the rules do state that you're not allowed to back link cards so I can't even enter the Mother's Day cards that I've already made. I'm not sure if I'll bother entering next week's challenge either though I may follow the theme. It seems a bit pointless entering a challenge if half the people who enter don't bother to abide by the rules but I do enjoy most of the challenges and it usually motivates me to make a card so I'll probably just blog it instead of linking my posts to the PFP blog. I hope that makes sense.

Bookazines element of the QCME Friday Giveaway

Sweet Paris Collection

Lush papers. So lush....

That they came already opened and used lol including a third of a sheet

Rosette Flowers - my favourite is the small red polka dot

Sequins, buttons and bows 

Foam pads and Stampin' Up! Cherry Cobbler seam binding ribbon - lush!
I was really pleased to get my Facebook prize from Quick Cards Made Easy last Wednesday, love everything! I had to giggle when I discovered that the 72 pages of 6" x 6" papers only contained 53 and 1/3! Someone else obviously liked them too, just wish they'd left me more than two of the red polka dotted paper as that's my favourite. I shall be returning to QCME mag via a thank you card (photos to follow another time, my camera needs charging) the third of a sheet of the pink and cream paper. The card is already made but I can't blog it yet as my camera needs a few hours to charge. The bookazines were great to get because they aren't something I'd usually buy, priced at £7.99 each I'd want a substantial cardmaking kit to go with each one if I were to buy them myself so it was good to be able to see what they contain before purchasing (tbh I still wouldn't buy them - too expensive for what you get.) I'm hoping that in a few months ECAP will have the Sweet Paris Collection to buy at a reduced price as I'd certainly like to get more of the papers - a full set next time lol. I have a couple of French style stamps so it's nice to have a themed collection to go with them.

Prima Dolls - Taylor stamp

C.C. Designs Rain stamp (Tiny!)

I'd also like to share a small haul I got from My Mum's Craft Shop and this may very well be my last haul from this online shop (unless I change my mind lol). This is the 4th time I've made a purchase from MMCS and it's the third time I've had to change my order after placing it because the stock isn't up to date. I need an online craft shop to be reliable and I think that you'd agree that 3 out of 4 orders having to be altered proves it isn't. Admittedly I've always been happy with my replacement stamps but they weren't my first choices and it's rather vexing having to chop and change my orders plus they take longer to arrive! The first stamp shown is the replacement stamp as I'd originally ordered the innocence "Gone Fishin'" stamp, this Taylor stamp is the fourth Prima Dolls stamp in my collection and it's huge! I think the blurb online said it was 7 inches long. To begin with the Dolls lack of facial details freaked me out a bit but it makes them great for paper piecing esp with newspaper print either coloured with distress inks or with flesh coloured ProMarkers. I haven't tried it yet myself but I've seen some fantastic examples online.  The second stamp - Rain - is a lot smaller than I was expecting. considering so many crafters like making 8" x 8" cards you'd think they'd be a lot more larger sized stamps out there but small stamps seem to be easier to find. Perhaps it's just me looking in the wrong places, because I have relatively less money to spend on craft stuff, I tend to go for clearance or sales items and perhaps the big stamps haven't been reduced yet. Also I know most crafters like to embellish more than I do, if I've spent an hour colouring in an image I want it to be the focus of the card not have it hiding amidst layers of patterned paper and embellishments, this probably why I tend to make smaller cards.

I'm hoping to share the french themed thank you card I've made for Quick Cards Made Easy Magazine once my camera's charged so look for a new post tomorrow. As always if you have any questions please leave them in the usually places and I'll get back to you, until then - keep crafting!

Love and crafty hugs,

Sarah xxx

Monday, 9 March 2015

I Love Big Books (and I cannot lie)

Hello crafty peeps, welcome to my crafty nook. I hope you've all had a wonderful weekend. I'd like to share with you a little haul that arrived today from Clearly Besotted Stamps. Excellent service as always - Crafter's Companion could certainly do with some pointers from Stephanie who owns CBS, as a lowly mere bronze member of CC's Inspire Club it takes ages to get anything you order (I ordered a couple of items from them last week and got an email on Friday saying it's been dispatched but not arrived yet) whereas I ordered 5 items from CBS on Friday and got them today! Stephanie is fantastic and you get a really fast turnaround no matter how much you spend or how often you order.

Nouveau Flowers @ £2.75

Lovely Labels @ £2.75

Long Flag Die @ £3.50, Book Worm Additions Stamps and Book Worm Die @ £1.00 Collection

Bookworm Additions Stamps @ £4.00

My whole order only came to £15.20 including postage - bargain! The most expensive (!) item was the stamp set above but I couldn't resist the quirky sentiments and let's face it £4.00 is probably a posh coffee to most people (I know what I'd rather have!) To be perfectly frank the reason for ordering something online was because I got my new debit card on Friday and I wanted to make sure it was working lol. Anyway that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it!

The other thing I'd like to share with you is I've won some crafty goodies in a Facebook giveaway. I got a message today from Quick Cards Made Easy saying that they'd chosen me in a random draw. I can't express how happy it's made me, with the exception of the Passionista Blinkie I won from Passion for ProMarkers (and although I'm thrilled to have it on my blog it's not really quite the same as winning craft goodies) this is the first thing I've won since last March. I went through a patch of many craft blessings for about a year where I'd win something every few weeks or at least once a month and I got used to it. Although most stuff were from giveaways at least 4 big prizes came from actual card making comps run by QCME magazine and winning them made me feel like I do have a little talent after all. Plus having the prizes makes you a better crafter - a poor workman may blame his tools but I think in the case of crafters having the tools to craft with can make a huge difference to the quality of the end product, a simple thing like a good trimmer can make a world of difference.   Another pennyworth's of wisdom from my crafty corner lol. When my lovely goodies arrive, I will of course be sharing them with you. I have a card or two to make this week and of course it's Tuesday tomorrow so the new Passion for ProMarkers challenge will be announced. As always please leave comments etc below and until next time - keep crafting!

Love and crafty hugs,

Sarah xxx

Sunday, 8 March 2015

An Anniversary Card featuring - yes you've guessed it another Morehead stamp!

Hello crafty peeps and welcome to my crafty nook! As promised earlier, I'd like to share a first anniversary card I made for my very special friend, Adam and his lovely wife Victoria. I made this card a couple of weeks ago and I've been dying to share it with you but obviously I wanted Adam and Victoria to see it first.

First Anniversary card featuring Morehead Marriage stamp
I'm afraid I hadn't realised that the photo quality was so poor - I have some other photos which don't have the sentiment on so I'll add those to this blog too.

Victoria and Adam's wedding colour scheme last year was pink (I made the buttonholes for the wedding party) so I wanted pink to be the dominant colour on the card, I teamed this with Kraft card to stop it from being too girly. I made the flower using a die from Sizzix (can't remember which one - sorry) and I cut out five flowers which I then shaped using a Woodware Shaping Tool and the wrong side of a mouse mat. The process of rubbing the die cut flowers with the rounded end of the shaper tool against a soft surface like the underside of a mouse mat causes the fibres in the card or paper to break down and stretch as a result the petals begin to curl in upon themselves and the more you rub, the tighter the petals get. Each layer of the flowers was made by applying a little more pressure so it gets tighter and tighter towards the bud centre. Shaping with fingers helps to get the petals to layer upon each other to form the tight bud then I just layered them together using a quick drying glue.

Buttonholes for Wedding Party 2014
I thought you might like to see the flowers that I made for the wedding last year. The roses are made from handmade paper and the leaves are taken from the stems off silk flowers. Again please excuse the photo quality - this was taken using a very old camera phone.

Here are a few more photos of the first Anniversary card.

As you can probably tell from the last three posts, I'm really loving working with the Crafter's Companion Morehead stamps. Next month, Docrafts will be bringing out some more Simply Gorjuss stamps and hopefully I'll be able to get my mitts on them, and then I'll bore you all with endless blog posts featuring them! I suppose like a lot of other crafters once I fall in love with a product I tend to 'do it to death' as it were until the next lot of stamps catch my eye then I repeat the cycle until the next lot and so on. I do keep practically all my stamps though and every now and then dig out my older sets and have a play, I've invested a lot of money in my stamps and it seems foolish to get rid of them just because they've fallen out of favour. Craft styles tend to come back after a while (Oriental stamps for example) and it means it's possible to make a card in the latest style without investing in new stamps. *my penny's worth is now over*

I still have one more Mothering Sunday card to make and when I've made it (not sure of the theme yet) I'll share it here in my crafty nook. As always if you have any questions, comments, desire to let me know that someone does actually read this blog (I know you're out there - I can hear you breathing! lol) then please leave a comment in the box below or in the comments form in the sidebar. You can always come say hi on Facebook - don't be shy, I rarely bite! Until the next time - keep crafting!

Love and crafty hugs,

Sarah xxx

Saturday, 7 March 2015

Mother's Day card for my mum-in-law and bonus Pink Version for my mum (made since blog post)

Hello crafty peeps and welcome to my crafty nook! As promised I'd like to share my latest project with you, a Mother's Day card for my lovely mum-in-law Denise. I chose matching images for my Mother's Day cards this year Moreheads' "Girl" stamp for my mum and the Moreheads' "Boy" stamp for Chris's mum, so that I could make them look a bit like us as children by using different hair colours and skin tones. If I had any artistic ability I'd have hand drawn some glasses on the "Boy" stamp but I'm not going to risk ruining the card by adding them on. Actually I'm surprised Crafter's Companion didn't think to add them to the image in the first place - the stamp reminds me a bit of 'The Milky Bar Kid'.

Crafter's Companion Morehead stamp "Boy" card
I stamped the "Boy" image onto a sheet of Image Digicolor A4 card 300gsm using Memento Tuxedo Black ink and coloured in using ProMarkers. My lovely hubby had ginger hair as a child and very pale skin so I coloured the image in accordingly. Once it was coloured in I cut it down to the required size and embossed some blue satin board (from The Works) using The Glitter Girls "The Big Screen" embossing board and ball tool. I cut the embossed shape out then embossed the various layers which I also cut out. I stuck them together as shown using Dovecraft clear 3D pearl effects (it's for making pearl embellishments but is a fantastic glue!) I used a ticket corner punch on the corners of the image and added it to the central panel of the card blank. I don't tend to use peel offs these days but thought the silver Happy Mother's Day went well with the blue satin card so added it to the top of the central panel. I punched out six flowers using Tonic's build a flower punches (each flower is made up of two petal shapes which you layer and weave together to make a new flower, I have 4 punches and the flower combinations are endless!) and added a gem to the centres then I I added them to the side panels as shown using pop glue dots. I've bend the side panels slightly forward so the card stands without needing a separate plate stand.

Close up of "Boy" topper

Jewelled flowers on side panels

The Wilky Bar Kid (Chris's suggestion!)

I really enjoyed making this card though it was quite frustrating when things went wrong while embossing the card - I had to cut down one A4 sheet of card to just the white panels on the front because the washi tape I used to stick the paper to the board ripped the surface as I peeled it off. This card has made me realise how much I love my Glitter Girls Embossing Boards and I've moved them to a more accessible area in my crudy (craft/study room) so I may be making a few more in the future. I'll have an Anniversary card to share with you tomorrow but until then - keep crafting!

Love and crafty hugs,

Sarah xxx

Hi everyone just a quick update, I liked making this card so much that I've made a pink "Girl" version - photos below.

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Lilac and Lemon - hmm

Hello crafty peeps and welcome to my crafty nook! Today I'd like to share my entry for this week's blog challenge over at Passion for ProMarkers - Lovely Lilacs and Lemons. Looking at the challenge title, I may have taken things a bit too literally. We were allowed to add touches of other colours (skin, hair, grass, sky etc) but apart from that you have to stick to the two colours as stated.

Bookatrix Mother's Day card featuring Morehead "Girl" stamp 
This card is actually my sixth attempt at the theme but I didn't like how the others turned out (this is the only completed card) I'm sure I'll be able to salvage some usable elements from the reject pile. I'd always planned on using this Crafter's Companion stamp set Morehead's "Girl" for my mum's card, I'm going to do the matching "Boy" stamp on my mum-in-law's card at some point, but I hadn't thought to use the lemon/lilac combo. Being so restricted reminded me of my early days of ProMarker colouring because I had to use the saturation method to get any tonal difference in the colours, the image is flatter than it would be if I'd used a light, medium and dark yellow or purple but I rather liked the challenge of getting the colour differences in the image just using one colour - I did this all the time before getting the full range of pens. The pansy was made using the Build A Pansy stamp set by DoCrafts, it's about a gazillion years old so I don't think it's still available, and coloured in using Lilac, Lemon and Burnt Sienna Promarkers - this colour combination with the addition of Tan was also used to colour the girl image *forgot to mention the Cool Grey 2 that I used to ground the image - sorry*. The paper lace was made by punching out white card using a Martha Stewart lace punch then colouring it with lemon or lilac ProMarkers. The mum stamp was free with a stamping mag. The lemon and lilac gems were from The Works. The cardstock was from Crafter's Companion or rather from a prize I won from QCME for a card competition but it didn't say what sort of card it is. I used the Glitter Girls Bookatrix embossing board and tool to dry emboss the book shapes which I cut out with scissors.

I've made a matching box to put the card in (mainly because one of my original ideas for this challenge was to make a card featuring just the pansies), I added extra pen on the edges of the paper lace to give it a two tone appearance.

Here are some more photos.

I can't say that this has been the easiest of challenges but it has been very satisfying. I'm rather pleased to have made a card using only 5 different ProMarkers, though I'm not sure I'd stick quite so rigidly to the colour combo next time (I'm sure others will have used the light/medium/dark combo - it's highly likely that lilac and lemon have featured in the seasonal ProMarker selections which I don't own). I hope my mum likes it :)

I shall be working on the "Boy" card this weekend so hopefully I'll have another card to share with you soon. As always if you have any comments or questions then please leave them below or why not click onto my Facebook page and come say hi - I'd like that! Until next time - keep crafting!

Love and crafty hugs,

Sarah xxx