Monday, 20 October 2014

Storage Solutions for ribbons, baker's twine and crochet lace (plus a few odds and ends)

Hello crafty peeps - welcome to my crafty nook! Hands up all you who'd prefer to spend their crafting pennies and pounds on craft goodies rather than craft storage? Me too! As much as I would like the posh custom made for crafting storage the fact of the matter is that the majority of it is way beyond my price range but with a little imagination and a lot of creative thinking, everyday items can be turned into craft storage.

My first craft storage solution I'd like to share is reusing sweetie jars, this one is an old Quality Street jar but if you go to an old fashion sweetie shop and ask nicely they'll often give you their old jars for free as they have to pay the council to recycle them (I was told this by the owner of a sweet shop when I was making rose buttonholes for all my wedding guests - the jar was the perfect place to store the finished paper roses). Just wash in hot soapy water and leave to dry and they are ready to hold whatever you wish - I've used mine to store my unused baker's twine.

My second idea started life as a peg basket from the pound shop, you can't see in the photos but this basket has a handle with a hook on it and I usually have it suspended from the shelf above my desk. I wanted some new pegs but didn't want to use the basket for them as I'd made one years ago out of a tea towel and coat hanger. I've seen ribbon storage boxes with holes cut out to thread the ribbons through and I thought this peg basket would be great to store my loose ribbons and trims. I've only threaded one side with ribbon so you can see how it originally looked but as I have it suspended above my desk I normally have both sides threaded. It's a great way to store all those short pieces of ribbon without them getting tangled and it's surprisingly roomy.

My final storage solution is actually a jewellery "tree". I was given it last Christmas and although I really liked it I knew I wouldn't use it for jewellery as I like to keep mine in it's original packaging or in a case. Because it was a gift I wanted to keep it and decided that it would be the perfect place to store packets of ribbon, trims, gems and other odds and ends where a hanger opening is build into the packaging - I've even threaded ribbon spools onto cord and hung them from the arms! You'd be amazed at how much you can pack onto something that's not very big, I tend to put 8 -10 items onto each arm and as there are 6 arms I've got my gems and pearls on one and different trims and ribbons on others depending on type and colour.

I hope this post has given you ideas on your own creative storage, if you've found it useful and would like to see more of my storage solutions, please leave a comment and I'll be happy to share more with you. Also if I've sparked some ideas I would love to see them so please leave a link below.

I'm hoping to have a couple of card making sessions in the next few days which I will share once I've made something worth sharing, until then keep crafting!

Love and crafty hugs,
Sarah xxx

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