Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Happy Day

Hello crafty peeps welcome to my crafty nook! I hope you've all had a brilliant Tuesday and if not just think, we're almost half way to the weekend! :) I'm not sure if anyone remembers me mentioning that I was taking part in a Readers' Design Team for Quick Cards Made Easy Magazine a couple of months ago but the magazine has finally come out! They only show three cards of the ten submitted and the others are supposed to be on a readers' gallery on their website. I've looked (pretty much every day since I got my subscription copy on Friday) and I can't find a readers' gallery on the website. As you can probably tell my card wasn't one of the three showcased in the magazine (check page 40 to see the beautiful designs that were - I especially like the one that used the Large Ringlets die by Memory Box, I will so be getting that die when I've got some money!) however if you look at the bottom right hand corner of the page where it says, "Find more amazing reader cards at" you may notice a rather simple card in blue polka dots - that's mine! To be perfectly honest it's taken me until this afternoon to actually notice it which just goes to show how much I need to go have my eyes tested! I'm thrilled to be able to say that QCME magazine have also put my card up on their timeline along with the three showcased cards and if you'd like to have a look please click the link here if it's not showing please click on QCME photos and it's under the heading Reader Design Team issue 141 or click on the Facebook button on the sidebar and check out my timeline.

Here are a couple of photos just in case you aren't on Facebook. As you can see I kept my design very simple, the brief for the card was that it had to be flat, no larger than 15cm square and that the papers had to be the main focus of the card. We were allowed to use basic craft supplies. I think I may have taken the brief too literally (I do have a habit of doing exactly what is stated) as the cards showcased had 3D elements to them (absolutely gorgeous though!) and I even die cut a panel within the frame so it would lay totally flat rather than being layered and raised as I would normally do. I chose the simplest of the patterns available mainly because as they were mostly bird and floral patterns, I was worried that the sentiment would be overwhelmed by any other pattern apart from this polka dot one. And if I'm honest I really like polka dots! If I had the chance to do the card again I'd probably be a little bit more daring and add more layers to the card and a couple of embellishments. It was a lot of fun and I'm chuffed beyond words to see my card both in the magazine and on Facebook.

I'm progressing nicely in the Crudy Reshuffle, it's not complete but to be honest it's the sort of room/project that's always going to be a work in progress. I'm loving the extra room I have to actually craft, even though the surface of the breakfast bar is covered with items looking for a home (craft orphans - poor things!) I still have twice as much room as I did on my desk - in fact I actually had my paper trimmer fully on the desk rather than half on and the other resting on me! It's making a huge difference to being able to cut a straight line lol. I have a couple of projects that I need to complete in the next few days so once I've added this post to my blog I shall go into the crudy and find new homes for the craft items on my desk. Then I shall get on with Charlie's prom card (luckily I found the stamped and coloured images I've already done when I was putting stuff back). Once it's finished I shall add another post. As always if you have any comments or questions that relate to either this blog or to crafting please leave them in the usual places, please be aware that all comments are subject to moderation and any that I consider to be spam will not be added to this blog. By all means add links to your craft blogs but please don't add links to electroplating, lifestyle sites or similar - it's rude quite frankly. Mini rant over! lol. Until next time - keep crafting!

Love and craft hugs,

Sarah xxx

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