Monday, 23 February 2015

Life Update, Teeny tiny Crafter's Companion Haul and a Card Share

Hello crafty peeps, welcome to my crafty nook! I hope you've had a brilliant weekend. We had Millie and Bethany stay overnight and it was fantastic - I've really missed having them over so we're planning on making it a regular event again. Bea - bless her - started crying when she realised she was being left with us (you'd think we were child torturers or something!) and sobbed like her heart was going to break. Sue decided to go outside and stay there for 10 minutes in case Bea didn't settle down but by the time Sue had got to the stairs Bea had already stopped crying and was happily playing with Millie. I'm afraid I had to giggle, she does this every time she comes to stay and poor Sue gets racked with guilt, my little niece is a master manipulator - I'm worried it's going to end in minions and world domination! lol.

One of the best things about having the girls was doing a bit of crafting with them. Bea is still at the scribble over everything stage which means that if you give her a stack of  scrap paper and some crayons she'll as happy as Larry but Millie is old enough to actively take part and is always keen to make a card or two for her mum and friends. I've just realised that apart from watching "Frozen" on DVD with them last night, the TV wasn't on the entire time they were here!! Part of that was down to the fact that our Freeview remote has broken and I have to press the channel changer button on the top set box to change the channel and since they switched the kids channels round, they're channel 120ish I think instead of in the 70s. I love my nieces but not enough to develop callouses from pressing a button 100+ lol. The second reason is the girls were just enjoying playing with the few toys we have here for them and with each other oh and their DS players lol, I honestly don't think they noticed the TV wasn't on. Anyway back to Millie's crafting. I don't actually have a card to show you of hers because we started crafting around 2pm and Sue was coming to pick them up at four so we made a little card kit for her to take home and finish. Mother's Day is next month so Millie had a look at some of my stamp sets and chose a fairy image and a bear holding a present then she had a go at stamping. She also chose a backing paper which I cut to size for the 5" square card blank and we die cut a stamped sentiment out. She also wanted to make a wedding card for her mum's friend and decided to use the same image as I've chosen for an anniversary card (please excuse me not going into detail but the recipient reads this blog and I don't want to spoil his surprise) so she's taken that home to colour too. I'm really looking forward to seeing what she comes up with.

As to my own crafty adventures, I got a small haul from CC last week - Gelatos! I ordered the Steampunk selection because I like the colours included and love Steampunk plus it was the cheapest set they had at only £8.99 plus £1 p&p. I've had a bit of a play and I do like them as a watercolour medium especially using a wink of stella clear brush pen instead of plain water but I'm not keen on using them as a crayon.

I'd also like to share a card I made the other day. It's a diamond accordion fold card featuring A crafter's Companion Scruffy Little Cat image called "Lola", it's very similar to the one featured on this blog in a previous post but I've used a bubbles embossing folder (also from Scruffy Little Cat) and my new favourite product Dovecraft 3D pearl effects in cream and clear.

Her name was Lola....
I should have put feathers in her hair...
She likes to wear her underwear... ok I admit I don't know the lyrics!
I'm really chuffed to find out today that someone has repinned the other Lola card I made onto a Scruffy Little Cats Board on Pintrest and I showed the girls the board while they were here, Bethany fell in love with one of the images Ashleigh but at 5 and a half there is no way she'll be getting a card with it on any time soon. I think the images are too old for little girls plus I have loads of cute images that I'd rather use on her cards. I've actually started making Bea's card already even though her birthday isn't until August, unfortunately the craft gremlins have stolen the stamped image I was planning on using. I can't believe it's gone missing - I'dfinally managed to do the hair with highlights too!!! I'm hoping it'll turn up when I go to tidy it up later *shudders* I'm not looking forward to tackling the mess that's in there at the moment.

If anyone's interested in details of how this card was made, please leave a comment below. I have another birthday card to share with you tomorrow but I want the person it's for to see it first. You may have noticed the new Facebook badge in the sidebar. I'll explain the reasons for joining another time but please feel free to go check out my page, I share cards etc on there but a lot of the stuff is blogged anyway. Until next time - keep crafting!

Love and crafty hugs,

Sarah xxx

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