Friday, 8 August 2014

Kids, Zombies and Crafts

Hello crafty peeps,

Just a quick post to let all you in bloggerland know that I may be MIA for a few days as we've got our nieces coming to stay for a couple of days. The only place big enough to hold a travel cot and a put-u-up bed is the living room which is where the internet lives, so I wont be able to blog while they are here (I tend to blog late at night and the lil darlings will hopefully be sound asleep!) Luckily they will be back at home by Sunday so I'll probably come let you how things have gone once I've tidied up after them and watched the first episode (series 4?) of "The Walking Dead" which is starting again on 5*. I can't wait!!!! I wouldn't be able to watch it if the girls were still here as I have a tendency to make little squealing noises at the jumpy bits so I'm relieved it's only for two nights this time. Of course I adore having them here but still priorities sweetie - it is "The Walking Dead" we're talking about here *tongue firmly in cheek*.

The girls and I will probably do some crafting though Bea is at the scribbling all over the page (and the mattress of the traveling cot) stage, but Millie loves to make a card or two while she's here in between showing us her Majorette routines and being 'Teacher' - for some reason my husband Chris ends up playing a girl student lol. (Boys have boy germs - urgh!)

Hopefully we'll survive the weekend and I'll be back with you in a few days, until then keep crafting and feel free to comment and/or follow - I'm beginning to hear an echo in here lol.

Love and crafty hugs, Sarah.

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