Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Crafty Mail

Hello Crafty peeps.

Just a quick post to let you know about a couple of Internet orders that arrived today. No pics as of yet I'm afraid as I forgot to charge my digi camera, usually I'd use my camera phone but after dropping it for the umpteenths time it's died on me *somber music should play in the background at this time* and I'm bereft! Why do we get so attached to our phones??

Anyhoo back to the lush goodies that arrived today, my first order was from the wonderfully and aptly names - how I love it's cheap goodies! My only grip with this company is the P+P is quite high at £4.95 but saying that it does come via FED-EX so the price is understandable and at least it's per order and not per item! A certain shopping channel may cap its P+P at £6.99 but if you buy two stamp sets for example that £2.99 per item stings a bit! Rant over - back to the goodies! Everycraftsapound has a minimum spend of £20 so I bought 20 items this time though if you're quick they have got a summer sale on at present so you could get 40 items for only £24.95!!! I bought mostly Dovecraft products and to be honest when I say I bought 20 items in truth I bought 12 different things as I ordered 2 of some of them. My first item is a Chipboard Christmas tree which I'm hoping to decorate once I've dug my Christmas stash out. Then I bought 2 lots of Dovecraft easy fix dots, big glue squares and regular glue squares. I've not used any of these adhesives before so it'll be interesting to see how they compare to my usual stuff. Next on the list is a Dovecraft Daisy corner punch which punches lovely through paper but I haven't tried it through card yet. I got two lots of 6x6 patterned paper in "Tea Party" and "Riverbank Revels" and I've got to say the RR papers are lush! You don't get as many as you do in the TP pack but 6 designs are linen effect - my personal favourite is the red and white check, it reminds me of a picnic cloth. The rest of my items are from the Dovecraft  "Cupcake Boutique" and include two packs of the 8x8 papers, 1 pack of paper blossoms, 2 packs of the gems and pearls, 2 packs of the baker's twine and two lots of blue washi tape in dots and stripes. If you've been paying attention (and I've not bored you into a coma with my list!) then you will notice that I actually have 21 items all together not 20, that's because they sent me 2 lots of washi tape instead of the 1 I ordered! I didn't notice the mistake until after I'd open both packs but I'll send them an email to let them know at some point.

My second order came from and is the rather lovely stamp set "Long Time Ago" by Neat & Tangled, it's all sentiments and in the style of the opening sequence of Star Wars, perfect for men's cards and anyone who doesn't take themselves too seriously, it's priced at £10.50 and is A6 size. My one regret is I didn't order the corresponding stamp called "Time Warp" which looks like elongating stars during hyperspace (I'm a secret sci-fi  fan!), it's costs £4.95 which is a great price but I wont be getting it just yet as I'd rather wait until I buy a few more sets from MTDS to save on postage, talking of which it's only £2.50 per order which is very reasonable - they got it out to me really quickly too, as I only ordered it on the 2nd. It's my hubby's birthday on the 21st so I'm going to use this stamp set to make his card - I'm experimenting with starry backgrounds at the moment so I'll let you know how I get and hopefully I'll have a photo or two.

I'm expecting TWO more orders in the next couple of days which I'll share with you when they arrive. Until then - keep crafting!

Love and crafty hugs,
Sarah x

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