Sunday, 20 August 2017

Hello strangers.....

Hello crafty peeps and welcome to my crafty nook! I hope you are all having a brilliant weekend and a good summer in general. I am very sorry not to have blogged for over a month, I haven't even got the excuse that I've had a lot on though it has been an eventful month, I've just not felt very crafty for a while and even forgo my own blog challenge *hangs head in shame*. Hopefully I'm back on form now and can share a few cards and projects with you. One of the biggest and best things that happened to me since my last blog post was the Baptism of my beautiful God-Daughter Selina Ariadne Flora and I'll be writing more about that event at a future date. I think it's only fair that I concentrate this blog post on the last challenge which was set almost a month ago. My lovely crafty friend Michele made a beautiful card from her scraps and (unlike me - more about it later) actually fulfilled both parts of the challenge and made a gorgeous double Z-fold card. Michele has sent lots of photos as requested so this blog post will be in two parts, the first part will be this one and features Michele's card and the second blog post will feature my cards and will be posted in 24 hours so you can fully appreciate Michele's card on this blog post.

Hasn't Michele done an amazing job? She's used some papers and toppers that came free from Making Cards magazine that she had left after making a Twist and Pop card (it's what inspired me to make my sunflower themed card a month ago).  I haven't been able to add all the photos she sent me as they've saved as PDF files instead of JPEGs and the server won't recognise them, I'm not tech savvy enough to do anything about it but I think the photos I have managed to add do the card justice. I adore the theme of the toppers and this would be a great card for a boy. I really love double Z fold cards because they fold up into a tiny space (depending on what size card you use) but have a lot of 'real estate' for toppers and sentiments. Michele has done a splendid job matching the papers to the toppers (something I struggle with if I'm honest) and even though she's used lots of different designs they look really good together and tie very nicely with the theme.

I hope you've enjoyed Michele's card, I will be back later with my challenge entry - I ended up making two cards in the end because I kind of forgot to make the card a 'fancy fold' and just concentrated on using my scraps lol. You'd think that as it was my idea to add the 'fancy fold' to the challenge that I'd actually remember to do it! *rolls eyes*.

Don't forget to come back later to see my creations and until next time - keep crafting!

Love and crafty hugs,

Sarah xxx


  1. Thank You for your lovely comments Sarah. I was always wary about this fancy fold but your challenge was perfect-I just love this style if card & have used it for my Mother in Laws 70th Birthday card.
    My photos only show some of the scraps I have accumulated in my Craft room -not sure why we keep so much but the certainly came in useful on this challenge.

    Looking forward to seeing what you made.


    1. Hi Michele, all were well deserved. Isn't it funny the crafty things we are scared of? For years I wouldn't stamp images because I found them scary and was afraid I'd muck them up and now three quarters of my cards involve stamping. Double Z-Fold cards are some of my favourites to make, I love all cards that only take a single sheet of card to make.

      Some of my scraps have been hanging about for around ten years so I think I'll need to have a purge soon lol.

      Crafty hugs,

      Sarah xxx

      p.s. my card's online now :)


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