Friday, 11 December 2015

Help someone's stolen the first week of December! (JK)

Hello crafty peeps and welcome to my crafty nook! I hope you are all well and my thoughts and prayers go out to any who have been affected by the recent storms *hugs*.

I had hoped to have added a post to my crafty nook before now but between internet connection problems and a really bad migraine that's still lurking, I've not really had a lot of time to write about the things I've been making. Plus I'm almost 100 per cent sure that someone has stolen part of December *looks around suspiciously* - it's the only logical conclusion to why I'm so far behind in my Christmas preparations. I've made a grand total of THREE Christmas cards and one measly present. And if I'm honest the cards were made weeks ago!

I would like to share the solitary present I've made so far - a fairy door. The Works have had some really cute fairy doors to decorate for months but when I went to order some using Click and Collect they were out of stock and haven't come back in yet. So kicking myself I've trawled the internet for some reasonably priced alternatives. I eventually went with Daisymoon Designs and ordered 6 doors @ £1.15 each and a wishing tree mini pack which has laser cut wooden pieces e.g. hearts, toadstools and flowers. They had a choice of two door styles and I went with the stone cladding effect for the door frame. Unlike the doors from The Works, these don't open but they are still very cute and anyway I think it takes magic fairy dust to open fairy doors otherwise the wee folk wouldn't get any peace at all! My only complaint with my order was that the doors only came with 4 door handles so two of the doors will have to have a gem or similar for a door knob, unfortunately the MDF is far to thick for me to use a Tim Holtz Hitch fastening otherwise I would have been using them for all the doors, and a couple of the wishing tree mini pack pieces were of poor quality compared to the rest. I haven't complained about these things to Daisymoon mainly down to the fact that I developed a migraine not long after making my first door up. That brings me to a bit of a warning - I've not used MDF before and I'm a complete novice to altered decor pieces but it's probably advisable to seal the doors with Gesso before colouring them in using Promarkers. Because I'm new to this I didn't have any Gesso in (it's on my need to buy list now!) so I just coloured onto the untreated MDF. Fortunately I was in the lounge as I coloured instead of my tiny crudy otherwise I may very well have passed out from the fumes if I'd been crafting in my usual place, as it is I've had a migraine headache so severe that I haven't been able to do anything for two day without feeling nauseous and dizzy. Admittedly I do get regular migraines but not as bad as this one has been. So please be careful and work in a well ventilated room and ideally seal your MDF before colouring.

Rainbow fairy door with lots of sparkle
The door comes in four pieces including the door handle and window. I started by colouring these with Silver Metallic Promarker. The actual door was coloured with walnut Promarker and I went over it a couple of times to give it a deep rich colour. There are 15 'stones' in the door frame so I coloured two each in the colours of the rainbow with an extra purple as it's one of my favourite colours. Once the pieces had dried I stuck them together as shown using Scotch Quick drying adhesive, I then put the door to one side while I made the key charm. This was very simple to make, I have some silver key charms amongst my stash which are all different, I really liked this design as it reminds me of the Queen of Hearts and so I added a silver jump ring to the top loop and threaded it onto some brown elastic cord from my stash. I then threaded three jingle bells also from my stash and tied a knot in the cord. When the glue had set on the door, I added three layers of clear Wink of Stella to the rainbow stones to make it extra shimmery and added the key to the door knob. I've made a deep box lined with fantasy fairy papers to  put the door in and the recipient can either display the door in the box or have the door leaning against the wall.

I hope you like my latest project. I had a couple of craft goodies arrive through the post this week and once my last parcel arrives I'll be sharing my crafty buys with you all here in my crafty nook. As always if you have any questions or comments then I'd love to see them so please leave them in the usual places and until next time - keep crafting!

Love and crafty hugs,

Sarah xxx

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