Saturday, 30 May 2015

Clear Acetate Mini Milk Carton

Hello crafty peeps and welcome to my crafty nook! Have you got anything crafty planned for this weekend? I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the prize I won the other day on Facebook arrives so I can have a play with some lovely scrapbooking goodies courtesy of Quick Cards Made Easy Magazine's FaceBook Page and their Bank Holiday prize bonanza. I love the Facebook giveaways and this is the second one I've won since I set up my page. If my goodies don't arrive then I'm going to practice my Flexmarker colouring - apologies for my continuous misspelling in earlier posts. My lovely hubby has treated me to another 15 markers and I've chosen ones that are suitable for hair colours and skin tones but still need to get the right tones for black hair and blonde (I have markers that could be used for very light blonde but not mid to dark blonde yet.) My shading and colouring aren't up to the standard of  a lot of the people I see on FB, YouTube or blogs just yet but I have noticed an improvement in the past year or so. The one area that I haven't seen any improvement yet is hair, I am terrible at it. So my mini goal for June will be to watch hair tutorials and practice colouring different shades every day. I've got a lot of hair colour charts saved on Pinterest but I think I need a bit more help than just the colour elements, it's techniques that I need to study - thank goodness for YouTube!

One thing I have "nailed" is making mini milk cartons - I even make them in my dreams lol. I'd like to share one which I made the other day using 200 micron Acetate. I'll be totally honest this milk carton is a sod to make, the acetate does not want to be folded even with the score lines and it's slippy too so I'd recommend sticking it down before you emboss it on the scoreboard, I didn't and I ended up scoring where I didn't want to score. As it's only a practice carton I don't mind the extra score line and to be honest once it's filled with sweeties it's not that noticeable. I won't rehash the instructions on how to make it - please scroll down to find the "Cool Cats like Milk (Cartons)" blog post for more details.

Acetate Milk Carton filled with lemon sherbets
I must confess this carton was filled with mini milk bottle sweeties at one point which looked amazing but I (and hubby) kept having a couple and before I knew it the carton was nearly empty! The lemon sherbets don't look as good but they taste fantastic! I couldn't find a binder clip so I fastened this carton with an elastic band - it's not the best looking fastener but it does the job. As long as the base is well sealed this type of mini milk carton would be great for putting bath salts in or one of those bake a cake kits you normally put in jars to give as gifts. If you had each ingredient layered it could look really pretty but you'd have to find a recipe that doesn't require many ingredients as these cartons are quite small. As I said in the original post I'm planning on making more of these to give as Christmas presents and I'm going to have a go at making fudge (possibly salted caramel fudge as it's my favourite!) to fill them with or maybe cinder toffee as that's really easy to make. Even if I end up buying pre-made sweets I think the clear and patterned milk cartons will be well received or at least I hope so!

If you have any comments or questions please leave them below and as always - keep crafting!

Love and crafty hugs

Sarah xxxx

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