Saturday, 27 December 2014

Update from Christmas To Do List

Hello crafty peeps - welcome to my crafty nook! I hope you have all had a wonderful Christmas so far. I have especially as it's Isobel's first Christmas (she slept through most of it!) I made her a mobile for above her cot using a design featured in "Simply Homemade" magazine which I foolishly forgot to take a photo of. It has a sun at the top then four clouds with raindrops suspended under it in rainbow colours and it's all made from felt. I am ridiculously proud of it because with the exception of a furry water bottle cover I made for my late Grandma decades ago, it's the first sewing project I've ever completed as an adult - to make things better it even looked pretty good even though I forgot to add rays to the sun and the sun and clouds all had embroidered faces on them, I've never done embroidery before! *proud face*

I thought I'd just give you an update to my to do list. The ironing didn't get done nor did much dusting (just a token swipe lol) and to be perfectly honest we didn't bother putting up a tree. It turned out the crackers were for Christmas Eve not Christmas Day so we did without them! The ham defrosted and was soaked overnight then boiled before we left on Christmas Day. I then roasted it with an orange marmalade and whole grain mustard glaze on Boxing Day morning and it was delicious! Not as good as my father-in-law's it's true but not a bad first attempt even if I do say so myself. I did remember to make a card for Gramps (Christmas morning) and had a clean egg free coat to wear on Christmas Day. We never got round to buying olives but in the end it made very little difference - there was still plenty of food on Boxing Day and I was the only one to miss them. This Christmas has made me realise a lot of things - it doesn't have to be perfect and anyway no matter how much money you have or how organised you are it's never going to be perfect so why stress about it? Instead Christmas should be about being with the people you love even it they are just in your thoughts and doing things you enjoy and this is a lesson I want to take with me in the new year.

I have some thank you cards to make which I hope to share with you in the next few days so until then, enjoy the rest of the Christmas and keep crafting!

Love and Christmas crafty hugs,

Sarah xxx

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